Android Lego Droid bug is the next best thing to owning a smartphone

Android community and Lego lovers are in heaps around the globe but one Lego enthusiast [GLHTurbo] has come up with one unique creation to amaze us all. Andy the Bug Droid is made from two hundred and five Lego pieces costing him around $30. This Lego creation is crafted very carefully and the head can be turned, arms can be moved and the antenna turned in any direction. The main goal for this bloke is to get ten thousand supporters on Cuusoo website so that this Android Lego creation could be bought off the shelf by keen Android fans.

If [GLHTTurbo] manages to get this number I’m sure people will buy this Lego creation with their eyes closed. His future plans include developing a version that comes with a flying rocket jetpack made from Lego by the look of things, so better watch out for that too.

Via: RootzWiki/UberGizmo



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