PortaKeg keeps your beer ice chilled in any environment and can be taken anywhere

Want to enjoy cold draft beer anywhere anytime without the need to carry a clumsy dolly for moving your kegs around? Especially when you want to enjoy your weekends camping or partying in your farmhouse? Well then PortaKeg – Portable Draft Beer System is here to help you out as it is more convenient to move around and far less expensive than other options available. Team of Albert, Todd, Mark and Ray are determined to bring mobile cold beer to the masses as they look to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo for pushing PortaKeg into production. PortaKeg is made from rugged and lightweight plastic powered by a small carbon dioxide tank for dispensing beer anytime, anywhere.

For smooth movement across any terrain PortaKeg is fitted with 12 inch foam-filled all-terrain tires and a collapsible handle for easy transportation over gravel, pavement or any rugged terrain that you might encounter while having adventure trips. PortaKeg can hold a half-, quarter- (tall and short) or sixth-barrel of beer keeping your beer chilled for up to thirty-six hours on the most hot humid days too just with one bag of ice.

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