Smoon: A robotic spoon to add geeky flavor to your cooking

We all love eating more than cooking but there are chefs and mums that have devoted their lives to preparing the best foods for us. There are times they are cooking that especially recipe but fail to deliver the requisite taste just because a spoon of this or a spoon of that extra marred the taste. Enter Smoon, a robotic spoon made to automatically adjust its capacity based on recipe data stored in a computer, which means you never overdo the quantity of anything that’s a secret of your recipe.

The Smoon is designed as a measuring spoon which dramatically adjusts its capacity according to the digital recipe. So, it becomes all that easy for any random cook to understand what one and half bowl of flour, or three fourth cups of milk means on the accompanied display. The Smoon may not be a revolutionary innovation, but is certainly a boon for that novice cook or even a pro in us.

Via: Persistent/GeekTech



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