MIT’s Autonomous robotic plane is extremely swift even in constricted spaces

MIT’s Robust Robotics Group has developed an Autonomous robotic plane that is powered by Intel Atom processor, on-board sensors and advanced calculations which enables it to take on obstacles with ease even it high speeds. Normally an unmanned plane is hard to maneuver around but this drone is different as it can go through close closure courses with enough proof from the footage from parking garage where it successfully completed seven minute flight of three miles at 22 miles per hour average speed. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t require any GPS navigation or flight plans that other similar robot planes require.

With its custom design boasting shorter wings that assist in sharp turning, cargo space for camera equipment and anti-stalling at lower speeds, MIT’s Autonomous robotic plane is capable of surviving the odds in war situation and even spying operations. For now the plane has laser rangefinder, accelerometers and gyroscopes to track the desired path which is done by two separate algorithms.

Via: SlashGear/Gizmodo



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