100 mph speed record on an electric powered motorcycle all set to be broken

It’s not surprising that the 100-mph speed barrier has never been broken with a 150 kg electrically powered motorcycle and that is what Kevin Clemens is hell bent on doing. Although Kevin broke the national speed record for electric motors topping 61.538 mph that the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah last year, his aim is to go for broke in his bright yellow colored reconfigured 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorcycle having a custom made Agni motor from India having lithium polymer batteries and a never before made Alltrax controller.

This whole initiative is under the Velocity Workshop project for 2012 which will attempt to break all records for land speed on electric motorcycle in light weight category on the Bonneville Salt Flats at the BUB Bonneville meet in August 2012. Battery powering the motorcycle has 96 lithium polymer cells, the ones that are found in radio controlled model aircraft.

Via: TwinCities



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