Gone in 3600 seconds from London to New York-Hypersonic X-51A WaveRider travels at Mach6 speeds

You could soon be on the verge of experiencing Mach 6 speeds as you manage to go from London to New York in an hour’s time courtesy the hypersonic X-51A WaveRider having a scramjet engine that propels it to speeds of 4,500mph in just a few seconds. Travelling at five times the speed of sound this thunderbird –style aircraft belonging to the US military can ride on its own shockwave created during the propelling sequence. As a part of its testing phase X-51A WaveRider will take off from US Edward base in Californian Mojave Desert attached to the wing of B-52 bomber above the Pacific Ocean.

Once it is detached from the B-52 bomber the free-fall for four seconds will be followed by the booster rocket engine igniting and propelling the aircraft to Mach 4.5 for around 30 seconds. Thereafter Mach 6 speeds will be attained and the mission will last for around 300 seconds followed by the engine cut-off sequence that will make the hypersonic aircraft fall into the depths of Pacific Ocean never to be recovered again. The £89m WaveRider programme is funded by NASA and the Pentagon, with both these organizations planning to implement the same technology in military stealth aircraft and new weapons.

Via: TecheBlog/DailyMail



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