Sector67′s Fauxrarri electric car bags the PPPRS Championship

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy contraptions from the decent world of DIYers but this Fauxrarri that bagged the $500 prize money at the electric power vehicle competition – the Power Racing Series (PPPRS), is something like we’ve not seen before. Built by members of the Sector67, the Sector67′s Fauxrarri doesn’t have much except the optima D51 yellow top battery and LEDs under the hood to show, but the electric car is impressive on the charging front. The Fauxrarri can be charged at any current limit, it can be recharged at 100A in 35 minutes.

The members of Sector67 aren’t new to the concept of building magnificent electric racer’s like this, few members have been a part of Formula Hybrid Racing at the University of Wisconsin and their experience is shown vividly in car’s acceleration control rate, throttle response, regenerative brakes and customized motor controller. The Fauxrarri features special electric garden tractor motors which are customized with a very unique water cooling system, which keeps that this fast and furious electric beast cool on the move.

Via: Sector67/HackaDay



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