Lady Vadore Steampunk makeover for the Darth Vader helmet is steaming cool

Have a look at this Darth Vader helmet and mask combo purchased for $30 and then converted into a Steampunk Vader for the ladies of course. Called as the Lady Vadore by the maker herself, this makeover to the Darth Vader helmet is complete with LED lighting and a look to die for. The grungy feel to the mask comes courtesy the primer coating that was eventually sanded off and for the rivets a puffy paint was used. After that the mask was base-coated in matter black and a twinge of silver metallic glaze was applied with a dry brush.

Thereafter the gold and metal copper dry brush strokes and trim pieces respectively complete the gladiator like grungy look that look so very awesome. The green LED lighting and the button nose painted in copper along with the whole detailed precision dry brush strokes makes this one worth envying.

Via: Epbot



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