Man converts Pentax SLR into a slit-scan film camera for fun

We all love those photo finishes at the end of a 100m dash, but there is a lot of photographic genius that goes into getting that correct decision our way. Slit scan cameras are used to capture these photo finishes – Slit-scan or Photo-finish photography technique creates an image while the film moves past a slit, which makes missing any frame nearly impossible. James Guerin an Engineer and photographer by profession was really fascinated by the slit-scan camera but wanted it to be a lot different, reason he built himself his own slit-scan film camera based on a Pentax SLR camera.

The Pentax ME Super SLR by Guerin is heavily modified slit-scan film camera which features LED light for power level indication, a customized winding system which automatically moves film across a narrow slit as the photos are exposed. Guerin has also equipped the Pentax SLR’s film winder with an electronic speed control system wired to it to set it based on the speed of the subject, distance of the subject and the focal length. The resulting images from the DIY slit-scan camera are really unique and surprising to say the least. Hit the jump to see some images clicked with Guerin’s camera.

Via: RealitysoSubtle/PetaPixel



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