Students develop first ever 3D printed boat from recycled milk jugs

Geekdom is at its best when students get down to creating things for competitions that even the biggest names in the industry would think twice before trying. Such is an effort from ‘Washington Open Object Fabricator’ Group (WOOF), University of Washington’s Engineering students and Open 3D Printing Lab, who have collaborated to develop 3D printed boat from HDPE milk jugs to compete at the 42nd Annual Milk Carton Derby.

3D printing a boat wasn’t easy, it took the creators long sleepless nights to get the whole thing together in shape in time for the Derby. To prevent the boat from crumbling up like a wilting leaf, screws have been drilled into the first couple of layers of the 3D print. It’s surely not the best boat you’d find out there nonetheless this unique and one of its kind useable 3D printed boat did bag the impressive second prize at the competition.

Via: WOOF3D/SolidSmack



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