Sockets exercise device functions like human joints to make pushups easy

Pushups are probably the simplest of things you can do to tone up your body but even simple thing like pushups can be straining on the back and the writs causing unwanted injuries. Sockets – a project up on Quirky visions to simply thing during pushups to make the exercise easy on your wrist and back and give you the shape you always wanted. Sockets comprises of non-slip rubber handles, ball and socket which work like the joints in human body – adapting to the different positions during pushup, contrary to the floor that remains flat adding extra pressure on the body.

Measuring 115mm H x 145mm D, the Sockets is made in polycarbonate body and base are designed as natural human body extensions which allows fluid movement by adapting with the change in body angles during pushups. There’s no word on what price the Sockets would sale when manufactured, but for an additional benefit the Sockets’ base is equipped with two reversible sockets that allow the user to adjust friction to requirement.

Via: Quirky



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