Black and Decker Max Gyro is world’s first motion-sensing screwdriver

Screw drivers haven’t been revamped that often, using them is still as tedious as it can get. But Black & Decker couldn’t take the strain anymore, so they have gone ahead and stuffed a gyroscope into a screwdriver – the 4V Max Gyro. Courtesy the Gyroscope, the 4-volt handheld Max Gyro senses your hands movement to increase control and is thus billed the world’s first motion activated screwdriver. Powered by a lithium-ion battery the Max Gyro works for about 18 months on single charge, all you have to do is control the screwdriver by turning the hand clockwise to drive the screw in and anti-clockwise to reverse the screwdriver. Super cool! No strain, no pain, just simple magic – at $40, the compact Max Gyro with LED light to illuminate the project area, is a bargain. Video after the break.

Via: Engadget/Gizmodo



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