Shangkan is world’s fist iPhone dock, speaker, candle holder and clock all-in-one

It’s no ordinary charging dock for the iPhone, well the appearance says that so well. So, what exactly is this alien object then? Well, designed by Kevin Chu and dubbed the Shangkan, this is perhaps an iPhone charging dock, a speaker, candle holder and yes a clock all-in-one, take that Apple! You may have seen thousands of iPhone charging stations, speakers and iPhone accessories, but I bet you haven’t seen any so multitalented or beautiful. Besides the uniqueness of its design and structure, what sets this iPhone dock apart from the others is that it has mechanical arms (candle holders), which rotate all day. Accompanied with a circular mirror, the audio entertainment device needs to be placed on the ceiling right above the Shang Kan clock. The movement of the candle holder’s arms thus indicates time as reflection in the ceiling.

The Shangkan has 3 polished stainless steel swingarms, which can hold candles of different radii. The short hand here functions as the hour hand, the medium length one as the Minute hand, while the longest one represents the second hand. If you never looked up, then you will not know the true functionality of the Shangkan.

Powered from any regular power socket, this entertainment and ambient lighting device is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad, which can be mounted on top of its cylindrical structure that works as the charging station. The bottom structure of the Shangkan features bamboo speaker with 25w tweeter and subwoofer to create dynamic 3D audio in 360-degree. The Shangkan design is presently undergoing manufacturing and marketing analysis in Italy. There is no word on when or at what price the Shangkan will be made available for purchase but from what it looks like, it is a great utility device and item of home décor.

Via: ADesignAward



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