Angry Birds piggy bank with built-in speaker sings every time you feed it with a coin

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you like the Angry Birds and you also like saving those hard earned coins don’t you, well then here is a great option. Presenting the Angry Birds piggy bank, these Action Toys aren’t really angry but are light hearted creatures that move their beaks up and down and vigorously sing the Angry Birds Space game theme music every time you feed them with a coin. Made in hard plastic the Angry Birds piggy banks feature a coin-detector and a speaker built inside, but for your knowledge they aren’t officially licensed by Rovio.

The Angry Birds Piggy bank Space Action Toys have 2 slots, one for (2 x AAA) batteries and the other for pouring out the coins, built underneath the piggy bank. While all the Birds move their beaks in the same way and sing the same theme song, they have different openings each for inserting the coins – the Lazer Bird has an opening in its laser googles, the Bomb and Lightning Bird in their beaks, while the IceBird and the Terence have the opening in their forehead.

There are six of these Angry Birds piggy bank Space Action figures made, which are currently selling online at Shop for $19.90 each. You can also pick the entire package of six Angry Birds for $99.90.

Via: MicGadget



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