Ben Heck creates foot-controlled wheelchair add-on for an expectant father

After having modded gaming consoles forever, modder turned show host, Ben Heck is now dedicating his hacking skills to facilitate lives of the disabled by creating assistive devices to make lives simpler for them. The Ben Heck shows’ latest episode shows how an element14 community member and expectant fater Josh Benhart approached Ben to design him a wheelchair he could control even when caring for his new born. Considering his plea, Ben designed him a motor assembly mod, which can attach to Josh’s wheelchair to allow him to control his chair with a foot-controlled joystick hiding beneath a 3D printed dome. Ben Heck wasn’t able to complete the project in time; but for the inquisitive geek in you, Ben has assembled an H-bridge DC motor driver with a couple of MOSFET transistors to control the speed and direction of the joystick which controls the wheelchair. See the video after the break.

Via: PRNewswire/Engadget



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