Chinese mechanic builds a Lamborghini Reventon knock-off from scrap metal

28-year-old Wang Jian a mechanic and farmer from Jiangsu province of China has built from scrap metal a replica of a Lamborghini Reventon supercar that he presently uses for transporting fertilizers. Wang began building the homemade knock-off of a scissor door Lambo when he brought a secondhand Volkswagen last May, after building a small model, Wang set down to build a full-scale version of a Lamborghini Reventon he was really fascinated about, considering that only a handful of Lamborghini Reventons have been built by the famous Italian manufacturer.

Wang, who become a mechanic at the age of 16 and worked with an auto shop for a decade before starting his own work, has re-welded the chassis of the car and shifted the engine from the front to the rear of the vehicle in order to build something unique. The Lamborghini Reventon replica isn’t fully complete yet, but for now is built at a cost of only £6,000 (approx. $9500). The exterior of the Lamborghini is left in natural rust look as opposed to Reveton’s opaque grey. Enjoy some more images of the homemade Lamborghini Reventon bellow.

Via: DailyMail



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