Awesome Steampunk guitar with blue plasma disk and 21 LEDs

I personal suck at guitar, therefore there aren’t many guitars I actually go ahead and appreciate. Here it’s a different story though, because this Steampunk guitar that perfectly merges hammered brass and raw appearance with exposed mechanics cannot be played (ideal for my style), it’s just a piece of art made by Jenni D and Jared G. Up on eBay for auction, this Steampunk guitar comes fitted with blue plasma disk and 21 LEDs to light up the whole body from the inside. Measuring 31-inch by 10.5-inch by 3.1/4-inch, this awesome piece of art comes with a stand (so you can place it in erect position anywhere in your home). The guitar is priced at $465, go take your bid. More images of the awesome guitar after the break.



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  1. It’s awesome dude!! I’m finding inspiration for my guitar, and I think I’m going with some steampunk. Can I use a little from your idea?:) It’s awesome!!

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