Two-seater Flyvolt G 208 electric powered aircraft has a carbon fiber body

Aviation industry isn’t new to the concept of electric aircrafts; we’ve seen aircrafts achieve heartening results using electric motors that draw power from solar panels, fuel cells or most importantly rechargeable batteries. Yet, the Flyvolt 208 – an electrically powered aircraft concept by Bruno Giardino is ideally suited to find place for itself in flying schools and Aeroclubs around the world. The environmentally conscious and lightweight Flyvolt 208 is made in carbon fiber. The electric aircraft has a wingspan of 18.60 m and room for 2 pilots in the cockpit.

Measuring 7.80 m in length and weighing 430kg (not sure with or without fuel) the Flyvolt 208, like other electrically powered flyers, is relaxing to the ear on flight, due to the low noise levels courtesy its vibrationless engine. The Flyvolt 208 wants to be a light weight aircraft that is reliable and has a low running cost, making the aircraft similar to a motor glider. The motor used on the Flyvolt 208, owing to their light weight, has been placed on the T-tail, which ensure a free airflow around the wings and fuselage thus enhancing the aerodynamics of the aircraft.

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