Instacube digital photo frame feeds Instagram photos in real time

Unlike other digital photo frames which were marred by the evolution of tablets and some of their own downsides like low resolution displays, hefty price tags and limited cross platform compatibility this one is different. Having the capability to stream Instagram pictures in real-time the Instacube photo frame by D2M is a small little box measuring 7.5X2.5 inches with a 6.5 inch LCD touchscreen (600X600). There are three buttons on top of the photo frame that alternate between feeds, selecting favorite ones and of course power on or off the gadget. The device searches for specific hashtags that you pre-define and thereby follows multiple Instagram feeds cycling through images randomly. WiFi connectivity ensures that this photo frame is updated in real time with your Instagram account.

The operating system used is Android (which ensures added functionality in the future) with the powering heart being an ARM processor with 4GB storage and 256MB of RAM. Instacube has a build-in rechargeable battery that allows you to keep it anywhere you want sans any tethering requirements. Not surprising that the project is up on Instructables with a funding goal of $250,000 and by the look of things this cool little gadget will achieve it in stipulated time limit. So folks better keep a keen eye on this device as it finally hits production and we’ll surely have a detailed review as soon as it hits the shelves.

Via: Engadget/Dvice

# What exactly Instacube is capable of doing



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