Philips Cube micro music system DCM1075 Docking station for iPhone and iPod

Apple products have taken the world by the storm and the accessories for these products too, the most popular being iPhone docking stations. Philips has jumped into the foray and come up with an iPhone/iPod docking station that will give other docking stations a good run for their money as it pumps up some real quality sound. Philips Cube micro music system DCM1075 Dock plays files stored in the memory through USB direct function with FM player function too. The bass reflex speaker provides Dynamic Bass Boost based on powerful and deep bass all due to design aesthetics of the speaker.

Moreover it provides a very crystal clear sound without any loss in voice space grandeur. The speakers can be detached from main body whenever you want and all-in-all this docking station is perfect for music buffs who have a cool collection of music on their iPhone or iPod.

Via: WhoWired



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