DSLR camera survives on riverbed for three years with all images on memory card retrieved

What are the odds of a DSLR camera surviving on the river bed for three years and still managing to preserve all the images stored on the memory card? I would say pretty nil. But against all odds this Canon EOS 350D camera belonging to Michael Comeaus who accidently dropped it into the water as tripod attached to it unscrewed, managed to preserve the memory card inside it with all 581 images intact. Now the story of camera getting back to its owner is even more interesting as John who lived 250 km away from the place Michael dropped the camera managed to find the owner by painstakingly going through the images deriving important clues.

John then contacted Michael on Twitter and returned the salvaged Canon EOS 350D to him. Although the DSLR camera is in a very poor condition with the lens almost stuck to the camera preventing any removal to check the condition of sensor inside, thankfully the images were well preserved on the memory card. In a way it can be said that the camera’s outer shell protected the insides protecting the memory card from any damage at such depths too.

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