PodKit Watch and ClipClok are the new age iPod watch accessories

Simon Kwan, an American-Taiwanese product designer originally from Quincy, Massachusetts has come up with PodKit Watch + ClipClok watch accessories that will change western world’s perception about Chinese products. The PodKit Watch is a perfect amalgamation of personal geeky gadget with a flavor of classic gentlemen’s pocket watch which has two chains so that you can wear it as pendant, accessory for bags or clip it onto clothing. The design comes with a spring loaded cover which protects iPod Nano’s touchscreen display and when you open the cover it changes the display mode from power saving sleep mode to active one and then the user can press the power button to check time.

ClipClok is a bit different however as it can be worn like a wrist watch as it an analog watch perfect for rainy days or when Nano needs recharging. Compatible with other iPod Nano watch kits like the clip-on or insert-into-case ClipClok adds to your watch collection that is waterproof to 3 atmospheres/30 meters/98 feet and has hardened glass crystal for maximum protection. The accurate watch movement (to within +/- 20 seconds per month) is from Miyota and the gadget has 5 years of battery life.

Both PodKit Watch and ClipClok are made from aerospace grade aluminum alloy using the same manufacturing technology called die-casting that Apple uses by forcing molten metal into precision steel molds. The project is up on Kickstarter platform and so far amassed only a small chunk of the pledged amount with just seven days to go, but still it is a creative enough project to make it into production someday.



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