World’s biggest fully functional Holga camera is here to shoot you

Have a look at this gigantic plastic toy camera by Lomography (Arizona-based ArtsEye Gallery) capable of shooting 120mm film made especially for a photo competition that they host every year. As a tribute to Holga the camera was initially made as a display prop but midway into its making the creators decided to turn it into a fully functional camera. Made into a 20 times bigger version of the toy camera The Giant

Holga is gigantic in appearance with the back side cabin big enough to fit-in an adult.
Now you would ask that on what photographic paper does the camera print the shot images? Then the answer would be pretty obvious as it has 30X30-inch photographic paper loaded and the exposure for the camera is also very long with average being 1-2 minutes per shot depending on the type of paper used. To shoot pictures from this camera Francois Robert was invited who did a very good job for the same.

Via: DesignTaxi



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