Pong Case protects you from harmful phone radiation and maintains signal strength too

Cell phone radiation can be a real radiation emitting menace and these very radiations get absorbed in your body thereby resulting in unknown damage as well as loss of signal. To solve this very problem Pong is out with a very innovative range of cell phone cases for all major phone models that redirects 95% of radiation away from you and boost signal strength. Every Pong phone case is custom build according to your phone’s perfect fit and strategically redirects EMR away from the user. Pong case is different from antenna shields that block the phone’s signal as it redirects EMR away from user’s head and body.

In tests conducted by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Pong case has fared very well in proving the fact that it can redirect EMR safely away from the human body without tampering with the signal strength. Watch more about this radiation averting case in the video below.

Via: Geekologie



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