Homemade Batmobile created by local mechanic surely amazes onlookers

Butch Bouwens is a diehard Batman fan and as he grew up watching the prime time TV show the love for Batmobile never got off his mind. Probably for this very reason Bouwens, the owner of a Body Shop took five long years to craft his own homemade Batmobile which by the way resembles the original one very closely. He used a salvaged fiberglass frame of the Batmobile purchased from a local lad and also bought a 1973 station wagon to make his dream car come to life. According to him by gluing metal inside the fiberglass body and welding and fabricating it to the station wagon did the trick for him in completing the Batmobile’s look.

Bouwens added an old fashioned red Bat Phone too on the center console just to add that extra charm to the already cool vehicle. According to him whenever people pass by on Route 31 they can’t stop but look at this Batmobile and some even stop to click pictures and shoot videos.

Via: 13Wham



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