SUN is an incredible 360º surround sound system dock for your iPhone

No matter how fancy your iPhone dock is, it has one little niggle – the incredible acoustic delivered by your prized iPhone docking station are loud and audible only in 180-degrees, therefore designers Csabi Elter and Mátyás Fusz have designed a special and awesome looking docking station for your iPhone that can deliver surround sound in 360-degrees. Designed as a special audio tool to dock your iPhone or iPod, the SUN sound system project is demanding $5000 through fundraising website Indiegogo to kick of production.

The SUN sound system, which provides you incredible surround sound in your home comes with an USB port for recharging, besides a 2.0 stereo channel upgrade, built-in amplifier and volume potmeter. Made in a healthy combination of plastic and steel, the SUN has a 2 X 2.5W output and an impressive frequency of 990Hz-20KHz. To be made available is seven impressive colors the SUN sound system can be a great inclusion to every audiophile’s home.



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