World’s first ever flight powered by plastic fuel all set to take off soon

Jeremy Roswell who has been an adventure seeking pal ever since he has been a child is now planning on venturing out on the most exciting and dangerous expedition of his life. He is going to set out into the skies for the World’s first ever flight powered by plastic fuel which is made from recycled plastic which is least harmful to the environment and has very low lead and carbon emissions. This single-engine solo flight from Sydney to London planned in October that will take 70 to 80 hours including 10 legs that will have locations like the Timor Sea, across South-East Asia and the Middle East, and on through Europe.

Cynar is one company that produces fuel by heating waste plastic in an oxygen-free environment, turning it into gas and then liquefied to produce this plastic fuel. Jeremy contacted Michael Murray, CEO Cynar regarding this very adventure and Murray has agreed to donate 4000 liters of fuel which will be enough to fly from Sydney to London and back. Now Michael is doing the preparations to tweak the Cessna 182 plane so that it can accommodate all the fuel and to prevent gelling up of the fuel at low temperatures above, anti-freeze section will be added. Michael plans to fly for up to 14 hours at a stretch with five hours of sleep after landing.

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