One of a kind Mechanical Seven Segment display is damn geeky

Seven segment displays have always been popular with the masses for their sheer functionality and visually appealing charm. Now, to have a digital seven segment display is one thing and having a mechanical seven segment display is completely another thing. Have a look at this oversized mechanical seven segment display in classic red color that changes the display elements according to time with the solid blocks moving in viewer’s space. All the movement for the blocks is done by using servo motors that individually move the 28 separate segments showing the user exact time as it passes by in real time.

The complete setup is made from precision laser cut acrylic and each of the segments is crafted out from three different pieces of acrylic. Other components used in making this Mechanical Seven Segment Display include microcontroller and shift registers. Truly speaking, this mechanical seven segment display is way cooler than I thought.

Via: HacknMod



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