DIY Umbrella windmills and bubble maker that you can also build

I guess you all have seen the egg shaped devices used to capture wind speed called anemometers and they became inspiration for [Niklas Roy] who wanted to design windmills based on this very concept for the workshop at Prototype 1 in Sao Paulo Brazil this November. But rather than using anemometer he used umbrellas to capture wind’s energy and turn it into electricity which is indeed a very cheap and intuitive means of producing renewable energy. His dual umbrella setup that powers up a music box and the triple umbrella unit which serves as bubble generating machine, both are one good example of how to use household things to your energy saving advantage.

According to him the construction is a very simple one with the main elements being a piece of wire that serves as a clutch between turbine axis and music box. As this design is very easy to assimilate therefore you can also venture out on making one for yourself in your home and put it up in some area where wind is high.

# DIY Umbrella windmills and bubble maker

Via: HackaDay



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