SafetyNet fishing net that lets unwanted fish escape through lighted rings

More often than not when fishermen set out in the seas for catching fish in their nets, almost one third of them turn out to be not the ones that are desired and thrown back into the water. Now the main concern for people like Dan Watson who don’t like this inhumane behavior as the dead unwanted fish are thrown back into the water this needs to be mended at all costs no matter what. For this very reason Dan (a graduate from Glasgow School of Art) has designed fishing net called SafetyNet that will make fishing more productive and less cruel on wandering unlucky fish. His innate design of this very fishing net having rings that are tied to the cod end of the net allow some fish to escape while others to get trapped thereby decreasing the chances of unwanted fish getting caught in the tangle.

Now this SafetyNet (finalist for the James Dyson Award competition) has LEDs fitted into the ring that light up in order to assist the fish escape capture by creating an emergency escape sign via the bright lighting. These Lights are powered by the net itself as net’s motion charges them and the fisherman don’t have to worry about switching on or off the lights every time they go out for a fishing spree. The lights are activated once the net reaches a certain depth and this attracts the fish towards the ring embedded netting.

According to Mr. Watson the initial cost of the SafetyNet will be around £500 once it is pushed into production but overtime the cost will reduce as mass production paves way.

Via: BBC/Inhabitat

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