Lego go-kart made completely from Lego bricks is fully functional piece of art

There have been Lego vehicles in the past but sadly none of them is fully functional or has some non-Lego parts. But this life-size Lego build go-kart by Eric Steenstra which looks more like a lunar lander probe is completely made from Lego sans any metal parts or use of glue and is functional at same time. Eric built this Lego go kart for his son and amazingly it can take the weight of kid with no signs of crumbling at all. The power for this Lego four wheeled stern go-kart comes through 48 Mindstorms motors which require a lot of AA batteries in one go and Steenstra is looking to add more speed to this thing in coming months as the built phase is still going on.

Apart from this the only thing lacking in this Lego creation is a functional steering so that it can be maneuvered easily just like a real go-kart. This perhaps is one of the most rigid and strong Lego build that I have seen so far and being a functional one makes it even more special, so a hi-five to Eric for coming up with such a cool Lego creation.

Via: Dvice/Gizmodo

# Eric’s Lego go-kart in action



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