Racing Wheelchair concept is the future for disabled patients seeking thrill

Designer Andrew Mitchell has his own vision of a wheelchair that can take on long distance travel with minimal hassle. He calls it the Racing Wheelchair and although it is a concept right now, the idea is very interesting as the design takes inspiration from the touring bicycles and Grand Touring cars which are built to race on the tarmac. Andrew’s design for this Racing Wheelchair will reduce the overall weight thereby increasing the performance and honed by the disc brakes and overall design based on cycling aerodynamics it will look to speed past vehicles in a fizz.

The inverted teardrop design of the wheelchair will immensely help in increasing top speed and extend the wheelbase for extra stability. to ensure this the shoulders of the rider are kept over the front edge of driving wheels and the frontal body position further increases the power with body and legs and body in open position to reduce strain on lower limbs. Chassis of the wheelchair will be made from outer support frame and swing arm in carbon fiber make that can be pivoted with adjustable suspension to adapt to the road surface.

To distribute weight of the wheelchair, frame has aluminum structures and prevents any chance of cracks in carbon fiber make. Wheels are made from carbon deep fish having galvanized spokes and the mesh is made from polyester weave having 4mm oval spacer suspended on nylon webbing.

Via: Core77



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