DIY Arcade Coffee Table is double the gaming pleasure while sipping coffee

Dedicated Arcade machines can be a real space eater especially for small homes, so what does one do to have an arcade machine without compromising on space? Well, just integrate it into another piece of furniture like a coffee table and have dual functionality from it. Use it to satisfy your old school gaming buds or just retrace it back under the coffee table to enjoy a game of chess with your buddy over a sip of coffee of course. This DIY Arcade Coffee Table by Sam Wang does exactly what you are looking for to save space in your home. Made from an ordinary IKEA table and a few drawers that can be retraced back into the table itself this arcade hub has an LCD installed by cutting from the middle section.

Sam is a keen gaming enthusiast from his childhood days and wanted to make his own arcade gaming machine but there was no extra space to accommodate such a geeky passion. This gave him the idea of making an arcade machine that could be easily hidden away when not in use and a coffee table was his best bet to do so as it has plenty of space underneath to fit gaming controls and the thin LCD screen too. The DIY project is quite interesting and if you also want to venture out on making one for yourself then head straight over to the project website right now.

Via: WonderHowTo



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