British soldier gets mind-controlled prosthetic limb after losing arm in battlefield

A rocket propelled grenade took a comrades life and blew away Andrew Garthwaite’s right arm off in Afghanistan but that isn’t deterring him from having a normal life as a brain-controlled prosthetic arm infuses determination and spirit right into his veins. Andrew, a 24 year old British soldier, got this new age state-of-the-art limb connected to his nervous system back in January by a six-hour intensive operation in Vienna, Austria. This prosthetic limb has given him the ability to ride his motorbike, maneuver around his car and perform other activities that could not be possible with an ordinary prosthetic limb.

The limb is wired to his nervous system and Andrew is learning to control it with his mind as the coordination increases with time giving him the ability to extend the possibilities with such a technologically advanced prosthetic arm. He is one of the very few lucky ones in the world who have got such a rewired nervous system to control bionic limb just by the brain’s though and although Andrew’s arm has a few limitations right now like he has to flex his muscles a little for the robotic movement, in the coming months he will learn to do so.

Via: ShieldsGazette



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