Destructoid helmet for reading buffs who love everything game

Being an avid gaming geek you might be acquainted with Destructoid, the biggest gaming blog in the cloud based in San Francisco, California reaching more than 3 million unique visitors each month. Now guys propelling Destructoid forward wanted to make a big mascot head so that they could wear it at conventions and took help of Harrison Krix who gave them what they wanted. Weighing a mere 10 lbs the helmet is made from polyester resin and Masonite but that took a toll on it at the conventions that followed so Harrison ventured out on making a new one from vacuum formed parts and incorporate elements into the main helmet so that it was impossible to snap off.

To make the helmet he used the Proto-Form Vacuum forming machine built by him a few months earlier and set out giving shape to the Destructoid helmet. Interestingly this new helmet has small brain chip installed that makes the animations possible with about 20 programmed patterns for that array of cool animations. The animations can be changed speeded up or slowed down and also put in power saver mode when needed. Finally to make the helmet stringent when it comes to transportation a custom shipping crate was built which is surprisingly ten times the weight of the helmet itself, but it does the job of protecting very well.

The helmet is very comfortable to wear and the foaming pad at the top is secured well to the wearer’s head with adjustable chin straps. For more details on how you can make one for yourself or get an idea for making something similar head straight over to the DIY project page.



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