Step into the future with first brain-controlled robotic leg

We’ve seen some really great advancements in prosthetic limb technology, there have been many high-tech limbs and mind-controlled limbs created over time that have facilitated the paralyzed. But the question still looms, will the mind-controlled limbs ever assist the paralyzed in real world scenario? To answer this in an affirmative, a team of researchers from the Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California have built a mind-controlled prosthetic leg.

The prosthetic lower limb has been tested to be controlled using EEG signals that are understood by a computer. The mind controlled robotic leg can be used by both paralyzed and abled users alike and has been lab test on an abled person who took only 10 minutes to master the functioning of the limb. Previously build prosthetic have had the problem of stepping unintentionally, but this new robotic leg has 100% response rate with no unintended steps. The developers will be soon testing the prosthetic limb on a paraplegic.

Via: TechnologyReview



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