Chess Circuit board having pieces made from resistors, LEDs and capacitors

The question is how do you make an age old board game nerdy enough so that it appeals to most geeky blokes out there? Well, you make it from electronic components that appeal to an average geek. Mark Wilson has created a Chess Circuit Board set by soldering real electronic components onto a perf-board which sadly is just for the show and not meant for those enthralling chess gaming sessions. Resistors represent the pawns, LEDs are the bishops and the elite king and queen are represented by electrolytic capacitors.

This Chess Circuit Board has the LEDs spaced away from the board so that LED holder could be cut sown to align the base of these very LEDs and buttons. There was also keen consideration on the fact that there was separation between LEDs and solder points for perfect alignment. Although this chess board set might not serve the purpose of playing chess but it is cool enough to put on your shelf.

Via: Gizmodo



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