RC Lego Pagani Zonda is a supercar of the miniature world [W/Video]

When it comes to exotic supercars, Pagani Zonda made entirely from hand is right up there on the list with its high-tech chassis and vintage style interiors that are unmatchable. To make a replica of this phenomenal car is not that easy and building it entirely from non-modified Lego parts is simply awe-inspiring. As a part of inspiration for the Lego (The Motion Picture) Vehicle Design Contest, Sariel has built RC model of Pagani Zonda that has its own four Lego RC buggy motors with an all-wheel drive train fitted in an ultra-light body that has independent opening doors.

So why choose Pagani Zonda to be made into a Lego RC vehicle having two RC units behind the cabin? Simply because this Lego car by Sariel was built for speed and the body make of Zonda perfectly accommodates two RC units for that powerful thrust. There are independent front and rear differentials assisted by an all-wheel drive train for controlled remote controlled drive even on the bumpiest terrain. The axels have double wishbone like suspension with two short hard shock absorbers in each of the wide slick wheels and the steering system is fine tuned for precision driving.

Now coming on to the various details of the RC Lego Pagani Zonda it emulates the original supercar very well with front grill, lights and aerodynamic design clearly evident. The remote controlled supercar can notch up a top speed of 15.41 km/h on fresh batteries which is equivalent to 132.5 km/h in the real Pagani Zonda. So have a look at the pictures of this awe-inspiring Lego build followed by the video transcript of the RC car in action on the turf.

# RC Lego Pagani Zonda make process

# RC Lego Pagani Zonda in action as it rides the tarmac with amazing speed



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