Tree-pod-World’s longest tripod lets you shoot from a whole new perspective

You might have seen many a tripods so far but have you seen anything as cool as this? I’m sure you haven’t. This elongated tripod by Taiwanese support gear manufacturer Fishbone called Zhezhi tripod (also called Tree-pod) spans 3.3 high in its maximum elongated position and weights 13 kg, with retraceable folding length of about 90 cm. The tripod is made is made from pure aluminum alloy and that is the reason why it costs a whopping $6000 US. Now you would ask that how is one supposed to shoot with such a huge tripod that almost looks like a vertically planted rig? Don’t worry, as it is supplied with attachable rungs so that you can climb up and take photography shots from a whole new perspective.

The only thing that worries me while having a look at this huge tripod is that if you take it on wildlife photography expedition be sure that some wilder beast doesn’t pin you down as you go on shooting the giraffes 10 feet above the ground level.

Via: PetaPixel/UberGizmo



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