Lamborghini Reventon themed PC case is a modding marvel of art

Lamborghini Reventon sports car has those edgy cuts and sleek aerodynamic design that makes it irresistible to look at and the prospect of emulating all those looks into a PC case mod is very exciting. Modder Paul Tan who had little success in making PC case mods before he set out making one of these, has truly swept us off our feet. The idea for making such an amazingly cool PC case mod propped up from the Lamborghini Reventon car itself but the accomplice in this was the Silverstone Raven RV01 which was chosen as the case on which all the modding was done. The initial design cues were tested on Adobe Photoshop editing software and as Paul set out on finally making it, the initial step was to paint the whole case in Auto Acrylic paint (casting iron color) with UV protection.

From front to the back and in the interiors too the PC case is drenched in Lamborghini Reventon signature design elements and logos too which Paul tweaked a little to match the size of the PC case and got printed later to be glued onto the various components of the PC itself like the motherboard. The ATI Radeon 5870 graphics processor that he bought was also modded a bit with laser cutting and bending to give it that signature Lamborghini feel. Enough of the talking about this howling PC case mod so enjoy it in the pictures followed by the thumping video of Lamborghini Reventon themed PC case mod.

# Lamborghini Reventon themed PC case mod teaser video



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