Gwilym Gold’s constantly evolving music album has songs that change every time you listen to them

Whenever you got out in a music store and download a new album by your favorite artist, the chances of the audio tracks having changed music score every time you play the same song are virtually zero, just because the song is pre-recorded in one set format. That is the set pattern followed for so many years as we go on listening to our favorite songs and the only place we can expect the music to be a tweaked a little is either a live show by the same artist or remake of the album. Gwilym Gold is all set to change that format as he released his debut album called Tender Metal (electro-pop album) which took him over two years to develop. The interesting thing with the songs of this particular album is the fact that listener will hear different music each time he/she listens to the song making the music more engaging and interesting.

This concept of constantly evolving music album is very niche and Gwilym’s album can only be listened to using an app for iPhone and iPad called Bronze which features seven songs. The recording for the songs was done in the usual manner but the evolving song bit is done by the app as it generates sounds in real-time depending on the tempo and structure of song, making it possible to enhance the listening experience. At this point in time the album is only available through the Bronze app for iPhone and iPad with no plans for releasing a CD or downloadable version.

Via: BBC



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