Nuclear Watch will give 25 years of uninterrupted glow without radioactively frying you

Having a cool wrist watch always adds to your personality and defines you as a person in totality, so for this very reason geeky blokes like you crave for something different when it comes to wrist watches. Have a look at this minimalistic looking watch by Gadgets and Gears which is powered by 100 quadrillion decaying radioactive hydrogen atoms that will provide uninterrupted glow to the dial for more than 25 years. Called as the Nuclear Watch which is strictly compliant to Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) guidelines for radioactive safety; so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted health related consequences, or worse, a nuclear meltdown right on your wrist.

The hydrogen atoms are placed on the watch hands and dashes which will give the same glow for almost three decades while being waterproof to almost 300 feet underwater. If you don’t go by the simple looks of this polycarbonate case watch and want to brag about the unique features amongst your friends then it is the most elusive thing to have. The price tag of $175 for the Nuclear Watch seems justified as you get $7 worth light for each year

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