Super-Secret Spy Lens for taking those candid shots without getting caught

Taking candid shots with your camera can be a risky prospect especially when in a crowded area as the chances of getting caught are more. It can be possible with a digital camera but thinking of taking a candid shot this way with a DSLR camera can be virtually impossible as the moment you point the lens at some unaware subject they will instantly come to realize about it. Only the most skillful photographers will be able to pull off this kind of cheeky candid DSLR photography without getting caught.

PhotoJojo has come up with the apt solution to this so called naughty problem and allow shooting people without even pointing the camera at them thereby eliminating any chances of getting caught as the normal reaction would be that of denial because a camera that isn’t pointing at you isn’t definitely shooting you. They call it the Super-Secret Spy Lens and you can hook it up to any camera lens and then you’ll be able to shoot exactly 90 degrees away from where the camera lens is pointing. Truly speaking this is not exactly a lens but a mirror that bends the light 90 degrees and let you shoot candid shots with ease. Super-Secret Spy Lens along with all the adapters will cost you around $85 which is not much for the naughty blokes out there, so check out more on the product page itself.

Via: Core77



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