Camera Van studded with nothing else but cameras will shoot you black and blue

They say dreams can be your future and it is true to the core, at-least for Harrod Blank who was inspired to build this kind of DIY awesomeness on the streets loaded with cameras and only cameras. One night in the Fall of 1993 Harrod had a dream in which he was driving a car studded with cameras shooting unaware pedestrians on the streets. And that was it, as the dream was over it still lingered in his mind how spectacular the shots would be in reality. This was the inspiration for building such a van with every inch covered in cameras which Harrod made with the help of Dan Lohaus and some other friends. It took them almost two years to build this van after lots of testing and probing on placing the cameras in the fitting positions.

Camera Van made its maiden voyage on April 1995 starting from Blank’s home in Berkeley, California taking a stop in Houston and New Orleans. Thereafter they took a detour to New York City and stayed there taking pictures with the van for half a year. Everywhere this Camera Van goes it catches some surefire bamboozled looks and reactions from the crowd, right from Canada to Britain and Germany.

Via: MyModernMet



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