Hallmark Wing Bat guitar has extraordinary looks backed up with incredible output

A Batman inspired guitar or a guitar that carries some of the design cues from the batman costume? Either which way this rocking guitar called Wing Bat endorsed by George Barris who is very well known as The King of the Kustomizers is one badass mod that will pop your eyes out. Designed by Bob Shade the guitar is one mean musical instrument with humungous power to take a live show by the storm courtesy the all upper fret ranges for quick response and output. Coming in a limited edition of 100, the Hallmark Wing Bat guitar will be delivered in an exotic faux crocodile skin case to your doorstep for $999.

The combination of scalloped wing design and the custom prepared black & fluorescent red paint gives this guitar a very unique look that is irresistible. On the output bases also the guitar fairs well as it has 60 custom pickups and a turbine power boost switch for that peak performance. Other than that there are shade vibrato and roller bridge in a beautiful mahogany body having maple neck with ebony fingerboard.

Via: BassChat



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