DIY Iron Man Arc Reactor for your dying heart sans any superpowers

The Iron Man fiction movie sequels have amazed the audience beyond imagination and heart of it all has to be the Arc Reactor which keeps Tony Stark’s life pumping as it prevents the shrapnel that wounded him from reaching his heart and also powers up the suit. Seeing it in the movie seems cool enough and building one for yourself is an interesting DIY project in prospect as you can brag around your geeky friends with the eye catchy build. This DIY project shows you exactly how to make one for yourself using nothing but household items like LED’s, cardboard, soldering iron, pin holder, copper wire, Velcro and covered plastic-dip to protect the connections.

You can follow the DIY for this Iron Man Arc Reactor at Acidcow and it is very simple as compared to some of the other self-made stuff we put up here. For those who like to see the Arc Reactor from a distance enjoy it in the pictures.



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