Seiko Limited Edition Star Wars watch collection commemorates 35th anniversary of space opera saga

The Star Wars legacy will never fade away and same goes for the ways in which it will be remembered forever. Seiko, a premium watch manufacturer has also jumped into the band-wagon to commemorate 35th anniversary of Star Wars franchise and the release of the movies in 3D by planning to launch limited edition timepieces that will be launched in 6 different models. In partnership with Lucasflim the collection having major characters including Darth Vader, Darth Maul, C-3P0, R2-D2, Stormtrooper and Yoda will be launched in Japan coming October. All the watches are encased in steel body having screw down back and the watches based on the bad guy characters have black ion plating finish. Each of them has a sapphire crystal and being water resistant to 100 meters makes them even more alluring.

So let’s have a look at them with the model specific features and being launched in Japan only gives advantage to those blokes in purchasing one for the price of about $10,500.

# Seiko Star Wars R2-D2 (SDGA005)

R2-D2 timepiece comes in steel case size of 45.5mm × 46.0mm, 9.5mm thick with solar digital quartz movement Caliber S770 with active matrix EPD, radio correction and solar powered. The watch limited to 1,000 pieces has World time function for 32 cities and regions with price tag of $1,620 (126,000 Yen)

# Seiko Star Wars Darth Vader (SAGA 125)

Coming in Limited Edition of 1,500 watches the Darth Vader timepiece comes in Black IP coated steel case of size 11.3mm and 11.3mm thick. The radio correction, solar charging function and 8B54 Caliber quartz movement makes it worth the price of $1,820.

# Seiko Star Wars Darth Maul (SAGA127)

Having the same specifications as the Darth Vader with one added function of stopwatch, this Limited Edition timepiece comes in 800 watches priced at $1,750.

# Seiko Star Wars Yoda (SDGC013)

Coming in a Limited Edition of 600 watches the Yoda timepiece has Caliber 6R21 automatic mechanical movement sans any black IP coating and is priced at $1,750.

# Seiko Star Wars Stormtrooper (SDGC011)

Limited to 500 watches the Stormtrooper edition has same specifications as the Yoda watch and the price too is same at $1,750.

# Seiko Star Wars C-3P0 (SDGC015)

This one too has same specs as the Yoda and Stormtrooper watch and comes in a Limited Edition of 600 with pricing also same at $1,750.

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