UBC Coren Single Speed carbon fiber bicycle will cost you a mind numbing $32,000

Spotted at the Eurobike Show this has to be one of eye catching carbon fiber bicycle having high tensile strength of T1000 that is made using the same technologically advanced quality control measures used in Formula-1 cars. Designed by UBC Composites (company based in Murr, Germany) Coren bicycle will cost you a mind-numbing 25,000 Euros ($32,000 USD) so don’t expect many buyers or many glimpses of this light-weight bike on the streets. Now coming onto the designer Christian Zanzotti, he gave Coren a signature ultra-slip top and the down tubes also lend it a visually sleek look. Use of carbon fiber material made it possible to keep the weight of this Limited Edition bicycle under 7,700 grams which is damn impressive. The hand-made frame takes almost 40 hours to get together with other parts of the bicycle as the carbon fiber layers and aluminum layering are connected to the sections of frame.

Coren Single Speed bicycle has carbon wheels from ENVE and Gates carbon belt drive system from USA along with other parts that are brought in from close collaborative partnership with premium brands, probably that explains its high pricing catering to high end buyers.

Via: AtlanticCities



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