Kranium cardboard helmet has more protection than your standard ones

Under normal circumstances you would want a helmet that would protect your head no matter how hard the impact is in case of an accident. But would you put your money on a cardboard helmet to protect you? I’m pretty sure you would have dropping jaws just at the thought of it. Although hard to believe but Abus has created an urban hard shell helmet called Kranium that has liner made from corrugated cardboard. If you were a little skeptical about the utility of this helmet then you’ll be surprised to know that it can absorb two to three times more impact shock than other helmets in the European helmet standards criterion.

To handle crashes in a better way the cardboard lining crushes when there is an impact (like hitting windshield) and stays in one piece rather than cracking into pieces. The helmet has a thin EPS lining present on the inside for that added protection and prevent the cardboard lattice structure from harming the head area or the face. Kranium is made from waterproof cardboard structure and is totally recyclable which all goes well for the environment too. The helmet will be surely out for sale in the coming months but there is no surety when.

Via: UrbanVelo



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