Raspberry Pi case preserves your tiny computer in an aluminum casing

The Raspberry Pi by UK’s Raspberry Pi Foundation is a credit card-sized, single board, Linux-based computer that brings the entire world of computing prowess to the palm of your hand for just $35. The marvelous computer outfitted with two USB ports, a SD card slot (it has no HDD or SDD), 256MB of on board memory, an Ethernet and a HDMI port and 700MHz ARM chip, has made lives easy for many users who like travelling light or cannot afford a regular costly system. But the Pi lacks an incredible case that can complement the marvelous computer; fret not, a project on Quirky brings us a Pi case.

Being a three piece case, the Pi case preserves your Pi with a magnetized aluminum wall mount, an aluminum bottom that doubles as a heat sink and a plastic lid on top. The cased Pi can be screwed on to the wall or attached to the monitor and because the Pi case has additional openings for cables, you can add extra components to your tiny computer without any hassle. The Pi case looks awesome and feels perfect an accessory for your Raspberry Pi, but I am just concerned the price for the case doesn’t beat the price for the Pi itself. Still waiting to hear on that, will keep you dated.

Via: Quirky



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